Why is my garage door not opening?

Cable or torsion spring are common problems. Look for ruptures or evidence of dismantled mechanisms. Carefully pull the emergency release and manually lift. The garage door should move freely indicating a malfunction of the garage opener. Check for electrical issues including there breaker box. Call us to have a mechanic repair the problem immediately.

Why is my garage door stopping before it opens completely?

Manufacturers have developed an infrared safety system to detain garage doors from closing to prevent injury. See if any obstacle is impeding full opening and closure. Check the garage door track and base as well as the opener system. Debris or dirt are common on the infrared safety system. If none of these are present a roller track or realignment may be necessary.

Why is my garage door transmitter not working?

First Step is to check if all switches or locks located on the wall unit including the opener itself. If no progress has been made, look to replace the battery on all devices in your vehicle and wall mount. Check to see if coding switches match those on the power unit on the opener. Further assistance is provided by calling us directly.